Rachel and Hayden

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

How We Met

Hayden and I met about four and a half years ago. He moved from England to the United States to pursue a career in coaching. I played for the club he was coming to work for but quit that year due. My younger sister met him his first day here and said, “Rachel, there is a new coach! He is so cute! You have to meet him.” It didn’t take long for us to meet. I worked in a store at the local mall and he came in with a few other coaches I knew. We all started talking and as soon as they walked out, I got a follow from Hayden on Twitter. We have talked almost every day for the past four and a half years.

How They Asked

We go to visit his family in England during Christmas every year. This Christmas he surprised me with a trip to Paris before Christmas. We had spent the whole day exploring Paris, the Louvre, walking the parks and the busy streets. We were getting ready for our fancy dinner plans and he tells me he wants to go back to the Louvre to see it at night to see it with the lights on.

Rachel and Hayden's Engagement in Paris, France

When we get there we are locked outside because the gates were closed but we took pictures of it and just as I am turning around to walk away he says, “I want to give you something” and pulls out this beautiful box. I am crying, he’s crying. It was so romantic and very much us. He even set up an engagement shoot with a local Paris photographer for the next day so we could capture our engagement and Paris.

Special Thanks

Vio Munteanu
 | Photographer