Rachel and Gareth


How We Met

We met through a mutual friend (Robin) purely in passing one Saturday morning. I was visiting to do some repairs on my Land Rover and she arrived at the same time to go to an English heritage house with Robins Girlfriend (Catherine). We chatted and then she mentioned she had her own land rover, so logically, as car people do we went out to have a look.


From then we kept in touch and ended up going to a Land Rover Trial (an off road competition driving through cane gates to score as low as possible). I went as he navigator calmly talking her through the courses and giving advice on what to do. One the last section Robin jumped in and i took some photos and you can see her clearing the course.


On our return trip we were chatting about various things including beliefs and found we were both christian, then from that worked out that by chance I had in fact been to he Grannys house for afternoon tea  when i worked with youth at that church. Small world as they say.

Our Courting continued ranging from dinner dates, through stately home visits to working on cars in an old barn. We had a number of adventures and eventually i decided after a breakdown on a road trip round wales that if she could deal with me during that week she could deal with me for much longer. so the cogs started turning.

how they asked

With how we met being so Land Rover heavy i decided that it had to play a part. With that I knew we were attending the UK National ALRC competition, helping out as marshals at the event. So I emailed the Chair person of MROC leading that years event (the same club of which we are both members) and put my idea to him. He seemed keen and made the arrangements for us to have access to a restricted area of the site with a view over the valley to Eastnor Castle on the other side. (as below)


We spent the day helping out at the event getting suitibly muddy thoughout the process and when we returned to the campsite we were then sent away with the premise that of going to collect a radio repeater.


We drove up to the point i had been shown the previous day and we greeted by a heard of wild deer. Rachel hopped out to take some photos of them as they watched us with great curiosity. This helped me as i could pull out the ring from its hiding place in the land rover.

After the deer went away she returned and we sat on the bonnet enjoying the view. If you have not seen the video yet, maybe worth watching as it shows it much better than i can explain.

As we enjoyed the view a line of other land rovers rolled over the hill on our left (this was where the track was, part of the limitation of using the land). Rachel then managed to identify all of the cars and their owners from the roof lines alone.


They continued up our left hand side until nearly level with us and then turned to pass in front of us. Revealing a sign written on each one.

Rachel, Mary, White, Will,  You, Marry, me? whilst they were revealing themselves i hopped off the bonnet and got on one knee, waited until she realised what was going on and opened the box, asking the same message written on the cars.


She fortunately said yes and even with 6 weeks planning and nearly 20 people knowing about the plan, she knew nothing until I was on one knee.


Our Video

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