Rachel and Flip

How We Met

Flip and I met in the most unromantic of ways – in a hotel bar. I was there just to get a drink by myself and not talk to anyone (which backfired, clearly) and he was in town for a work conference. Our first official date was my 26th birthday, a couple weeks after we met. Because he is a youth hockey coach, at first we only saw each other once a week. In hindsight it was great because we had built in space in our relationship and had the chance to miss each other!

We are also HUGE baseball fans and live across the street from Nationals Ballpark, so we have known for a long time we wanted to have our wedding reception at a Nationals game. We’re also getting married the weekend of the Fourth, so a red, white, and blue baseball theme made sense all the way around.

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how they asked

I knew he had a ring, but he had me believing a proposal wasn’t coming until January. I spent my 27th birthday week with my parents and friends in Indiana (where I grew up), and he flew in for dinner and a night out in Indianapolis the night before we drove to Chicago for, you guessed it, a hockey tournament. I was sick all day, but pushed through and went to dinner. I barely ate anything but when the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, Flip insisted on the cheesecake, which made sense because he’s a big cheesecake fan. Instead of dessert, out came the ring box on a little dessert plate. He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Special Thanks

Lexie Hosier
 | photographer
Vienna Jewelry
 | jeweler
St. Elmo Steak House
 | restaurant where proposal took place