Rachel and Eric

How We Met: We met in highschool, where we were great friends sharing a love for humor and sports. We aren’t conventional high school sweethearts though–we didn’t start dating until a year after we graduated, so we were great friend for 4 years before we started dating!

how they asked: Rachel was leading a team of teenagers to Brazil to work with a charity there. On her way home to Canada, she had a 12 hour layover in Los Angeles where she was planning on leaving the airport to take the kids to Venice Beach for the day. My friend Scott convinced her she should make a video making fun of Canadian tourists abroad, which led her unknowingly onto the famous Venice Beach Pier, where I was waiting for her! You can watch it here:

There is a long backstory to me getting there in time to propose. I got pulled into security for nearly an hour and a half which almost made me miss my flight and, more importantly, the narrow window I had to propose. The reason I was held up in security? The ring I had designed custom for Rachel featured a raw, uncut diamond, which to the TSA agents look a whole lot like, well, drugs. (Please take a look at the photo of the ring!!). Upon my late arrival to Los Angeles, I was treated with gridlocked traffic. What should have been a 20 minute drive turned into 50 minutes, and I wasn’t even close to the beach. It was at the point I decided I needed to get out of the car and run 20 minutes to the beach in hopes of getting there in time. It won’t show in the video, but I arrived only minutes before Rachel and the team were there! I was that close to missing my chance to propose before they had to leave back to the airport, but I made it just in time, and got it on video! Take a look and enjoy!