Rachel and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met at church back in 2015. After multiple interactions we slowly became friends. He thought I always was into him and I probably was… but I don’t think that I would ever admit that! As time went on our friendship grew and usually wouldn’t find one without the other in a group. After about a year of never daring to be more than just friends, we flipped the switch and found our friendship had turned into something more. It happened with impeccable timing, not to early and not to late, just right. It was what we needed, we were able to learn a lot about one another without all the pressure of being in a relationship.

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The picture above is from the first time we hung out! We went to Mt. Hood with some friends to go sledding! We found some rather large Hershey’s bars that were about 5 pounds and of course we had to document it.

how they asked

Eric called me Thursday night asking if we could go to dinner at this place called the chart house. It has a gorgeous view of Portland and the river, plus the food was to die for! When we were coming back from dinner and he was telling me that he didn’t really have any plans for the rest of the night and I suggested a movie. So on the way to the movie he said that he needed to stop by the Temple to drop off something really quick before we head to the movie. Of course I agreed to go drop it off, and when we got there he said “hey it’s still light outside how about we go and walk around the temple really quick.

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Again I was just going with the flow and wasn’t thinking anything! So we were walking down to the reflection pool and while we were dating I always told him that when I was a kid growing up my family would go to the temple every week so we could keep our hearts close to the temple, and my dad would always square us up to the temple and say “one day you are going to get married here and stand here with your husband” Eric then said “I actually wrote something for you, can I read it to you?” He wrote me the most heartfelt poem about how we met, and to make it better it all rhymed!

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“…She is my crush, her lips so plush, and I know how to make her blush!

With the passing of the time, we found our love was almost blind.

But now, how clear I see her, how I need her!

For when I’m stressed, she knows best, how to make it always less!

For in my heart and in my mind, I will never find, any girl who is so fine.

So again, I shout all about, how I need her, want to please her, hope she knows I only see her.

Now here we are on this night, sitting beneath the Temple light. And here proclaim that I do wish, to never, ever go away. I guess I’ll just have to stay, with this girl for always! And now I ask in desperate need and of course on bent knee, if she too, thinks this may be?”

He read that to me and I was in SHOCK, he then got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! And that was the night my life was beginning a new chapter.

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