Rachel and Elliott

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How We Met

I met our freshman year of high school, becoming best friends instantly. He was there to talk me through my “boy problems” and make me laugh like no one else could. After 2 years of being best friends, we thought we’d try to go on a date…the rest is history. After 7 years of friendship and 5 years of dating, he asked me to be his wife!

how they asked

Elliott and I had been going to the Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville, Indiana for 5 years in a row. He had been telling me stories about this campground our entire relationship, how his Dad proposed in the RV to his Mom, how this campground held so many great memories for not only us as a couple, but to him throughout his childhood. This year, we had to leave for the campground later than his family. He told me that his parents and sister were waiting for us at the local restaurant. When arriving, he insisted that we walked to the restaurant rather than drive. As we walked past the restaurant and up towards the town square, I argued with him that we didn’t have time for a walk, little did I know, no one was waiting at the restaurant for us. As we walked around the square I saw strings of lights hanging from our favorite tree in the square. Hanging were the words “Rachel will you marry me?” I instantly started shaking, knowing that the moment I had been waiting 5 years for was finally here! He took the ring out of the box, reading me a beautiful letter and at the end, asking me to be his wife. Afterward he put on our song and we danced together, crying and laughing and shaking in shock together. To top it off, for each letter hanging on the tree was a word to describe me and a paragraph about why that word describes me. I could not have thought of a better, more thoughtful, and romantic proposal.

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