Rachel and Devin

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How We Met


In the Fall of 2009, my life forever changed when I met Rachel. I was an awkward 15-year-old in the middle of a musical theater rehearsal when an enthusiastic, joyful, brown-eyed beauty came up and introduced herself, with the classic “Hi! I’m Rachel!”. After even the shortest interaction with Rach, I was sure I needed to get to know her.

I began asking my friends more about her and after gathering my intel on all things Rach, I patiently pursued her for almost a year. We went on several dates over the summer of 2010 until I finally mustered up the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend on July 11th.

In the years that followed our love was built over countless road trips, long walks, late night ice cream runs, and just figuring out how to navigate growing up and becoming adults.

Since then we’ve graduated high school and college, taken countless trips, started new jobs, adopted a cat, and so much more. I know that each step has been better with Rach by my side.

Many things have changed over the last 10 years as we’ve had the privilege of growing up together, but what’s stayed the same is my desire to spend my life beside Rach. I would rather a single day with her than a lifetime without her.

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How They Asked

At this point in our story Devin and I had already been together for over 8 years, so we were both pretty much on the same page about what the future would hold and I knew a proposal would be coming sometime in the next several months.

Earlier that year Devin and I had agreed we wouldn’t do anymore big trips until we both graduated college. Which is why I was pretty suspicious when he said he wanted to visit Kauai in January.

On the second day of our trip, January 2, 2019, I asked Devin what was on the agenda for the day and he said we would explore the island and then go to a nice dinner in the evening. I instantly got a little teary eyed when he mentioned that we’d need to dress up for dinner, feeling confident that this would be THE DAY!

After a relaxing morning together full of sunshine and açaí bowls Devin took me on a little tour around the island where we stopped at different scenic spots like the Opaeka’a Falls, the Spouting Horn, and the Tree Tunnel. At each of these spots Devin had planned something sweet to say about how the spot resembled our story.

Our last stop was Shipwreck Beach and the Maha’Ulepu Heritage Trail. When we arrived Devin led me up a steep path that came out on top of the most beautiful cliffs nestled above the crashing waves of the beach below. It was breathtaking. We walked a bit more and stopped at a perfect spot overlooking the ocean where flower petals had been placed on the ground. There Devin held my hand as he read the most beautiful letter, and then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

I always thought I’d shout “YES” at the top of my lungs when Devin asked me to marry him. But in this moment the sound of his voice speaking the sweetest words and the waves crashing beneath us took my breath away. The most I could manage was to whisper a soft “yes” through the tears streaming down my face.

We ended the day with a beautiful sunset, delicious ravioli, and calling our friends and family to share the happy news.

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