Rachel and Demian

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How We Met

We met in Cabo on Spring Break 8 years ago at the airport. We happened to sit at an airport table with a group of both of our friends. He went to USC for Law School and I was an undergrad at Arizona State. We all talked for a little and then they got up to board their flight. All the info we got was each other’s first names and they were off.
I called my mom no joke and said I would marry him.

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A few days later my friend found him on Facebook (pre-Instagram days) and I messaged him. We talked a little here and there but it wasn’t until years later when I moved to LA that we had our first date together. We went to the Beverly Hills hotel and drank martinis and I was certain after that he was the one.

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How They Asked

We had talked about getting engaged but I never wanted to push him too much. I knew how he felt about me and that was enough reassurance to put myself at ease. We were celebrating Christmas Eve at my family’s house in Arizona. My mom was upset with the way our previous Christmas card came out and she wanted to hire a professional photographer to take family photos (with my extended family there are like a million of us).

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So we’re all having appetizers and drinks and each of my sisters and their significant others goes and takes photos and then Demian and I do. As we walk up there he said, “Babe, I love you” and I couldn’t tell you what words came next but it was an overwhelming amount of emotions that poured out of me. My entire family was there and he was on FaceTime watching the whole time. It was so special.

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