Rachel and David

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How We Met

David and I met in the early Fall of 2014. Some of our friends were playing volleyball outside at a local park, and we both ended up there. As mutually competitive and playful people, we noticed each other in the large group. David even called me out for sassing him, and that wasn’t the last time he has done that! We hit it off that night, and continued to see each other frequently when our friends got together. During that Fall, we spend time together going to Arkansas Football games, attending church events, watching movies, and developing a friendship.

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After a bit of time had passed, David asked me on a date and I very excitedly said yes!We had some issues in communication leading up to our first date, which resulted in David forgetting to pick me up! In his defense, I had already cancelled on him once, so we both had our shortcomings that we laugh about now. When we finally made it to our date, we spend a few hours talking, laughing, getting to know each other even better, and doing one of our favorite things — eating pizza!

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how they asked

At the beginning of May 2017, my two best friends were planning to visit me for the weekend. David was celebrating his birthday, and his family was going to be in town as well. The day my friends were supposed to get in town, they had some hiccups in their travel arrangements and were delayed several times. David and I decided to go to dinner while we were waiting on them. We went to dinner at the same restaurant where we had one of our first dates. It is a pizza place that had become one of our favorites while we were dating! Eventually, my friends showed up, and David had them meet us at the restaurant as we were finishing up. Little did I know, they had been in town since early that morning, helping him with all sorts of plans! After we finished dinner, David let me ride home with my friends to catch up while he drove home the car we came in. When I hopped in the car with my two friends, they handed me a letter. The letter was from David, and it talked about our first date, and how that night was so special to him. I didn’t quite catch on at the time, but I did text him saying something along the lines of, “Wow that letter was so sweet! I don’t understand why you gave it to me, but I appreciate it.”

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Then as we began to head home, my friends started ignoring all the directions I gave them and started driving around to locations that were special in my relationship with David. At each location, I would get a letter, and I definitely caught on to what was happening! We finally started driving around a park, and I gave them directions to the sand volleyball courts. I knew exactly where we were going — where David and I first met. When we got to the volleyball courts, I got the final letter. I read it as I walked up to David, who had strung lights all around and set out pictures of us. After I finished the letter, David told me some really sweet things (that I don’t really remember because it was such a blur) and proposed to me. I said yes, of course! Then a few of our friends walked out from the trees to congratulate us. David had me hop in the car, and then we drove to my house which was full of both our families and friends. We had a party to celebrate our engagement, and it was the perfect end to a perfect night!

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Special Thanks

Jo Johnson
 | Photographer