Rachel and David Adam

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How We Met

I got kicked out of my previous high school because of a low math score and knew I would hate my senior year starting at a new school, but God had other plans. Ironically, David and I met in math class in 2012. I saw him and the next day, I made a bold move and sat in the seat he was in the day before. He laughed, sat next to me and that was the beginning of us.

7 years later, my heart school sweetheart proposed to me on the dock I grew up on in my lakeside backyard.

How They Asked

David and I went over my parents’ house for a dinner they had prepared to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with his parents and mine. We were all dressed up and the table was set. Before we all sat, my mom suggested we all go outside by the lake to see the sunset. As I look out towards the lake, I see candles lit leading the way towards the dock. Nothing came to mind and I continued to walk. David looked at me, took my hand, and asked if I would join him on the dock.

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There were hundreds of candles lit, the sunset in the background, and the man of my dreams in front of me. And… I still had no clue. When he knelt down on his knee, I immediately began to bawl. Everything was a blur, my eyes were full of tears and he just looked up, smiled, and asked for my hand in marriage. Of course, I said “yes!”

I later found out; he had the ring hidden in a safe at our house since JANUARY. He asked for my parents’ permission 5 months ago while I worked a night shift at the hospital. As David is pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and I are in the Doctorate for Nursing Practice program, I didn’t think a proposal would happen for another couple of years. He pulled the ultimate “fast one” on me. After 7 years of being with him, I never thought he’d be able to get away with it, but it seems like he continues to surprise me.

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Special Thanks

Rebecca Juliao
 | Planning