Rachel and Danny

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How We Met

It was the night before Thanksgiving in 2014. I wasn’t planning on going out that night as I was pretending that I was too mature for the busiest bar night of the year but was convinced last minute by my sister. I walked into our favorite bar and Danny tapped me on the shoulder immediately and introduced himself. We talked that night but were separated quickly in the crowd. We continued to run into one another at that same bar but both of us were traveling like crazy and weren’t able to make time for a date until Danny asked me to go to New York with him at the end of January. From there we started to go on dates in St. Louis until we made it official in March.

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how they asked

Right after Danny and I met, we were watching a soccer game and he invited me to go to France the following summer to watch Croatia play in the UEFA tournament. We both laughed because we barely knew one another but by the time that summer came we had already moved in together and planned our trip to Europe around the soccer game. We decided to go to Croatia where Danny is from and we each chose one additional country. I picked Iceland, a country I always wanted to visit and Danny chose Norway, so that could hike Trolltunga. When we arrived in Norway we fell in love with it right away. Everywhere we looked was pure beauty. We left our apartment in Bergen at 5:00am and made the scenic drive to Odda, Norway to begin our hike. The whole way up I kept exclaiming that this was the best day of my life because I was completely in heaven and truly felt this was the most beautiful place I had ever been. Little did I know that Danny really was going to make sure it was the best day I’ve ever had.

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After five hours, we got to the top and waited our turn to take a photo on the famous Trolltunga cliff. Danny told me to go on the rock so that he could focus the camera. He set up his intervalometer and ran down to join me. I was out the ledge in complete awe of the fjords and glaciers that we were overlooking. I could tell Danny was nervous but I thought it was just because we were on a a 10,000 year old rock formation. He let me know that the timer was ready and we could start taking photos. I replied, “oh my gosh we didn’t talk about what poses we should do yet” as many people do crazy things on the edge of the cliff. He replied, “How about this one” as I turned around to see him down on one knee.

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He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and we had the most wonderful moment as a fell to my knees to join him. The other hikers cheered and it was the most wonderful hike down with my new fiance. We got back to Bergen at 2:00am after a long day and called our family and friends to tell them the news. We left that day for Iceland where we were able to celebrate our engagement at the Blue Lagoon.

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Special Thanks

Danny Dragicevic
 | Photographer