Rachel and Cristian

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How We Met

Cristian says “Four years ago, I remember walking back from class to the student center at our college and seeing this cute girl with a tan flannel scarf, white long sleeve, with Starbucks and her Macbook sitting down. Basic, I know – haha. I remember saying to myself ‘I want to date that girl one day.’” I know, sounds like it’s right out of a movie. After 4 years, I’m still doubtful it happened – haha.

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We later started getting to know each other through our fraternity and my incessant erasing and his sleeping during class. I sat right behind him and we would pass notes like “stop erasing” and “stay awake”. He seriously caught my eye when he sent me a post on Instagram of a french bulldog meal prepping pizza and donuts. I love french bulldogs, was into meal prepping and fitness, and I will never turn down pizza or donuts. He had no idea it was all my interests in one post!

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How They Asked

I’m not one for surprises; it drives him nuts that I always figure it out. It’s also not in his favor that he bad at fibbing. Neither of us had been sailing before, so while on our early September vacation in Gulf Shores, we planned to go sunset sailing. I had my speculations, but he continued to throw me off by continuing to send me optional rings and saying he’s still saving, wait until my birthday, etc. Little did I know he’d been planning a proposal since January?!

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Originally, he wanted to do it during a vacation with my family in June, but the vacation was canceled due to COVID. He ordered the ring in May – expecting 2-day shipping, but shipping continued to be delayed until mid-late August. He said there were so many times he just wanted to tell me, the secret was killing him. We scheduled the sailing for Monday, but due to weather, it was rescheduled for Wednesday. He was so distraught, and I could sense it. Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day. We set sail and up until the moment, he was so quiet and so nervous. He kept it short and sweet and it was the perfect proposal for us. Afterward, I could tell a huge weight had just been lifted off his shoulders.

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