Rachel and Cory

Image 1 of Rachel and Cory

How We Met

We went to the same elementary school, but didn’t become close friends until he moved away in middle school. We kept in touch through email, and when we ended up at the same college years later, he fought his way out of the friend zone and we’ve been dating ever since!

how they asked

Back in October, Cory and I planned an elaborate international vacation. One of the stops was Iceland, and from pretty early on he asked if he could plan one of the days. I of course said yes, because it was one less day that I had to build an itinerary for. When “his” day in Iceland finally came (8 months later), he woke me up at 5am. We drove two hours to a beautiful waterfall, Seljalandsfoss. We were the only ones there, or so I thought. As we got closer, the path curved so that you could walk behind the waterfall, and it was there that we spotted a guy with a camera. He asked if we were a couple, and when I said yes, he offered to take a few pictures of us with his camera, as he was a professional photographer. I calmly said yes, but in my head I was thinking “OMG this is how it happens on ‘how they asked!'”. The photographer snapped a few shots, and then Cory requested one more, without his backpack. He tossed it on some rocks, turned to me, and said “You know how you always say I ruin surprises? Well, I have a surprise for you.”

Image 2 of Rachel and Cory

He then got down on one knee (in the mud), pulled out the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen, and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Image 3 of Rachel and Cory

Special Thanks

Paul Woo
 | Photographer