Rachel and Corey

How We Met: We knew each other in high school, but never actually talked to each other. He coached my brother in football and would always tease him asking to get a date with me. It wasn’t until a couple years later in college where we found ourselves at the same house party. He was standing there and I kept walking back and forth in front of him. With a little liquid courage he said “you walk in front of me one more time, and there will be a price to pay.” I laughed, and made a few more passes in front of him just for fun. We talked the rest of the night, and haven’t quit talking since.

Image 1 of Rachel and Corey

how they asked: We had been staying with his brother and sister-in-law in Alaska when we all agreed to go mountain climbing. I was so nervous, I was sick to my stomach nervous. I’m terrified of heights, falling down, tiny trails, and of rocks falling. Mountain climbing was not my activity of choice but I went. I did really well till we got to the second saddle of the mountain and I saw how high up we were going to climb. I told Corey I wanted to turn around and go back. I even threatened to break up with him a couple times if he didn’t let me turn around. Luckily he didn’t let up and kept pushing me to go to the top. I fought through the fear, and every scary rock I climbed meant I was that much closer to the top. When we finally reached the top I was in complete awe of the beauty I saw around me. We talked about what it meant to reach the top, and what it symbolized to overcome these obstacles. I wasn’t paying much attention when he pretended to be taking pictures with his phone. Then he said, “look what’s this?” I looked down and it was a quote he had found that perfectly described our lives. It wrote: He wants to be the one to take her places, to have her try new foods, wines and adventures. He wants to be her first in as many experiences as possible because, just as she is a part of him, he wishes to become a part of her. I finished reading it and looked over at him and he was down on one knee..

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