Rachel and Chris's Central Park Proposal

How We Met

After high school I moved to LA for a year for work then I decided to come home to go to college. The first job I applied for when was home and started classes at Country College of Morris was Starbucks. Chris was a shift manager at the Starbucks I applied to. I was quickly hired for the job and Chris was in charge of training me. When I got home from my first shift my mom was like “do you like the job?” and I said, “ugh I am not sure but I did flirt with my boss (Chris) all night so that was fun.” It was fate from then on. I trained for 2 weeks and at the end of the two weeks Chris asked me to go out for drinks. I said yes, but not drinks because I was only 19. We went out to TGI Fridays and got a few appetizers after work one night then started dating right after that. The only problem was we technically were breaking Starbucks rules by dating. We had to lie to everyone at work and tell them we weren’t dating. That went on for a little over 4 months and then I quit. We have been head over heals for each other for 4 years.

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how they asked

My boyfriend, Chris, proposed on Saturday near the fountain in Central Park. My whole family and his was there. He had it planned for sometime and his friends played the day off as just wanting to go spend time in the park. Chris was so nervous. It was so funny because he is never nervous, but his hands were shaking and his heart was beating like crazy (but I am sure every guy feels that way). Before he proposed we went to the Central Park Zoo then walked over to the Terrace Fountain area where he got down on one knee and did it. I was shocked and even more surprised that my family was there. Then we all went to John’s Pizza in Time Square to celebrate!

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