Rachel and Cam

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How We Met

Spring of 2016 I was with a friend and we had gone to tractor supply on 280 in Birmingham to buy some things for my horse. While in the store my friend, Katie, came across some baby ducks and decided she wanted to buy a few! I convinced her to wait and we would go to the feed store closer in to my house so the drive home with the ducklings wouldn’t be so long. As we entered the store, there were large bins filled with precious ducklings of all different colors. We were bent down picking some out when a chocolate lab ran around from behind the counter and came to greet us! I myself have a chocolate lab, and was excited to see this sweet pup at the store! We then picked out the ducklings and checked out, splitting the transaction between the two of us. I noticed a dark haired younger guy behind the counter as we were leaving, but at the time didn’t think much of it. Fast forward about a week and I am getting on Facebook for the first time in a few months and see a friend request from a guy who looked familiar and had the same last name as the store we had bought the ducks at. I accepted and went about my business. A few days later I received a message from Cam on Facebook asking how the ducklings were doing and making small talk. Come to find out he was the owner of the feed store we bought the ducks at, and he had found my name off my credit card receipt and looked me up on Facebook! We talked back and forth a few weeks, finding out we had lots in common, including our birthdays and the fact that we both owned chocolate labs(the pup at the store was his dog, Lucy!) Not long after we went out on our first date at a local Mexican restaurant and the rest is history!!

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how they asked

December 9th 2017, I was getting ready for what I thought was a surprise birthday party for Cam. I had planned one for him a few months prior, with help from some friends as he was turning the big 3 0! As I pulled into the parking lot down by the event Barn at the venue we had rented out, my friend Madison(who had been helping plan) came out to meet me.

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I thought we were about to set up for his party that was supposed to start at 6 that evening! As I got out of my SUV, Madison told me that they had “changed some things up on me” and I began to wonder what she could be talking about!! She instructed me to follow the side walk around the barn that was lit up with candles.

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As I walked the path and turned the corner I saw Cam standing at the end with a big pallet board full of our pictures and a marry me balloon sign in front of it! I was in total shock and started crying.

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He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and as soon as I said yes, i heard cheering behind us and looked around to find that he had invited all our close family and friends to be there to celebrate and they had watched the whole proposal through the glass doors of the Barn behind us!! It was the perfect proposal and will forever be one of the best days of my life!! ?

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Special Thanks

Madison Jennings
 | Planning
Kendal Hubbard
 | Photographer
Kasey Corley
 | Planning