Rachel and CalebF

Image 1 of Rachel and CalebFHow we met: Love was the last thing on mine and Caleb’s mind during the summer of 2011. Both newly single, this time was supposed to be spent with our friends, family and preparing for senior year of college. All of that changed thanks to one of Caleb’s groomsmen, Adam. When Adam stumbled across my Facebook page that July 4th evening, he encouraged Caleb to reach out. Turns out, Caleb & I went to neighboring high schools and had a few mutual friends! After corresponding for awhile online and some serious convincing from our friends, we finally decided to meet up. The rest of the summer was spent together, and we continued to see each other despite going to different colleges their senior year.

how they asked: We enjoy going to the beach, attending country concerts and watching Seinfeld! We travelled down to the beach that weekend to stay at My family’s beach house in Delaware.

After a long Friday on the beach, Caleb suggested a picnic dinner on the sand that evening. He pulled out all the stops: made my favorite salad, favorite veggie sandwich and fruit tart for dessert! The sun was setting, our bellies were full and they were enjoying each other (and some wine!) when Caleb suggested walking down to the water…

After standing there for a minute or two, Caleb slipped his hand into his pocket, (here come the butterflies!) got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box. Neither of us can remember what was said during those few moments, due to a mixture of tears and nerves. He even put the ring on the wrong hand! After snapping some pictures, we ventured back to the beach house to call our families. My mom and dad already knew, he asked their permission first!

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating with friends and family.

Image 2 of Rachel and CalebF