Rachel and Brannon

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How We Met

Brannon and I met back in 2011; I was grabbing a few drinks with a friend before moving away from my graduate program. I remember Brannon approaching the table to say “hello” to our mutual friend. I also remember thinking “who is this person and he’s really overstaying his welcome.” Little did I know he was hanging around to try to get to know me! I thought I was hiding my disapproval well, apparently, I wasn’t. Brannon likes to describe the face I made that night as “annoyance mixed with disapproval.” I guess Brannon has a taste for angry women because he proceeded to pursue me for months to come. After many missed opportunities to meet up and lots of communication we had our first date five months later. We have been together ever since!

how they asked

During our first year of dating, we celebrated my 25th birthday together. Brannon casually asked me where I would want to go for my 30th birthday. Jokingly I said “ Paris,” and we never really spoke about it again. Fast-forward five years to my 30th birthday; Brannon surprised me with tickets to Europe with our last stop in Paris! I was so excited to not only bring in the New Year but also celebrate our sixth anniversary together in Europe. Prior to the trip, Brannon told me that he scheduled a photo shoot in Paris for my Christmas present. I thought nothing of it, as we love to take pictures when we travel. The morning of our photo shoot came and we met our photographer across from the Eiffel tower. As the photo shoot started the photographer took pictures of us together and then requested pictures of each of us individually (she played right into my vanity). She asked that I turn to face the Eiffel tower and look up to the top.

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As she was taking pictures Brannon walked up beside me and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised and overwhelmed with happiness I immediately began to cry. To this day we still have no idea if I officially said “yes,” as it all felt like a dream. I may not remember the details of what was said that day, but I will NEVER forget the way Brannon made me feel. I am the luckiest girl to have a fiancé who put in the amount of thought and effort he did to make the day so special for us!

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