Rachel and Blair

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How We Met

Blair and I met attended the same small town high school. However, because he was a couple of years older than me, our paths never crossed.

While I was finishing up my senior year at UAB, Blair transferred in to finish up his degree. While we were both out with our friends one night, we ran into each other and politely spoke for less than a minute. I left early and got a text from our mutual friend that Blair would really like to get to know me. She gave him my number and a week or so later, he asked me for a date.

We’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

Blair and I had been dying to go for a hike since the weather had been warming up. So when he suggested we go walk around Tannehill State Park one Friday afternoon after I got off work, I thought nothing about it and was excited to go! Once I got home from work and changed into somewhat of a hiking outfit that could transition into a dinner outfit – per Blair’s instructions – we were off.

When we arrived, we hiked through the woods – not using the trail, mind you – to the white chapel that stole my heart a few years ago. When we reached the chapel, there seemed to be a rehearsal dinner going on. So we admired from afar and went on our way. Blair asked to stop by the grist mill on the way out but he had no idea of how to get there. We eventually found a trail that led to the furnace and decided to stop by there instead.

As we were on our way, I noticed a balloon in the woods. As we go closer to the furnace, there was another balloon. When I asked about them, Blair dismissed it saying it must be for a kids event since it was Easter weekend. That made enough sense to me! We went to the top of the furnace to get a good view of the sunset before heading to dinner.

As we were getting ready to walk across the bridge to go to the car, Blair pulled me to the creek bank that was lined with rose petals and asked me to be his wife, to grow in the Lord with him, to serve God with him for the rest of our days. After I said “Okay!” I saw my friend across the creek taking pictures. Turns out, the balloons were signs for Blair to know where to go since the chapel was taken!

After I stopped crying, he informed me that all of our family and friends were waiting on us at my church for a celebration party – and I started crying again. The room was filled with our family, my sorority sisters, a friend that had flown in from Orlando, his friends and a a ton of yummy food, photos, gifts and love.

So get ready guys, #WeAreGoinHamm.

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