Rachel and Blaine

How We Met

Blaine and I met at the University of Arkansas about two and a half years ago. He was a Razorback baseball player, and I was a Razorback softball player. We automatically hit it off. He loves to hunt, fish, be around his family and friends, and he loves the Razorbacks, so obviously we were meant to be. We started dating a few months after we met, and have been together ever since.

How They Asked

I figured we may get engaged at some point with Blaine being off playing baseball for most of the upcoming year, but I had no idea when it would be! Sunday, December 9th rolls around, and my friend Claire asked if I would go help her pick out a Christmas tree for her house and then go shop at Lululemon since her husband, Josh Alberius, and Blaine was out hunting for the weekend. Josh and Blaine LOVE to hunt, and Claire and I love to shop, so I did not really think much about it. We met up and headed to Motley’s Tree Farm to look for a tree. We got there, Claire got a tree flag, and we headed out to look at all the trees. We walked for a little bit and finally Claire kind of darted into the trees so I just followed her. Out from behind a tree pops Blaine. I asked him “What are you doing here? I thought you were hunting.”

Proposal Ideas Motley Tree Farm

He said, “Just checking out $90 dollar Christmas trees.” Then he proceeds to say how much he loves me and all the sudden he is down on a knee asking me to marry him!!!!!! I was so happy that I teared up and my hand would not stop shaking (he did manage to get the ring on though so that is good). I was so surprised and so so so happy to finally be his fiancé and soon-to-be wife!!!!!! Of course, Josh, one of Blaine’s best friends, was there the whole time with Blaine and supposedly was even having him watch proposal pump up videos on the way to the tree farm. He was also there to snap photos along with Claire.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Motley Tree Farm

Where to Propose in Motley Tree Farm

Afterward, we went to Josh and Claire’s to “pick up a gift.” When we arrived at the house my whole family and so many of my friends were there waiting for us!!! I was shocked and started crying again!! We had the best engagement party. My mom helped with the party so much along with my friends and other family members. It was literally the best day ever!!

Special Thanks

Scarlette Box
 | Mother of Rachel-helped with engagement party