Rachel and Benjamin

How They Asked

I really thought Benjamin was going to propose on Valentine’s Day. I spent all day cleaning the apartment and making sure my hair and makeup were perfect. When our Valentine’s evening came and went with no proposal, I couldn’t help it- I had a breakdown! Ben laughed at me while I cried which made me even madder! He reassured me that he loved me more than ever, but that he just wasn’t ready for marriage yet.

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Fast forward to the following day. Benjamin’s company was hosting a fancy party downtown that evening. He told me to get ready early so that we could go run some errands before heading downtown (he had an Apple appointment at 3 pm to fix his iPad). Ben was acting so weird as we approached the mall. He refused to park anywhere but the food court (the busiest lot on a Saturday afternoon!), and kept snapping at me for making suggestions. I was on my last nerve with him.

We made our way into the mall and headed to the Apple store. Instead of checking into his appointment, Ben pulled me over to the speakers. “Hey Siri, play Till There Was You by The Beatles,” he said. Then he turned the volume ALL the way up! I yelled at him and said we were going to get in trouble, but he just smiled at me and pointed towards the front of the store. That’s when I saw a few girls dancing. At first, I had no idea what was going on. Then more dancers started popping out, and I saw the face of one and recognized her as one of my dance students!

(I’m a dance teacher). I then looked around and realized they were ALL my students! By the end of the song, there were 40 of my kids dancing around us with roses and flower petals. They all gathered around us in a circle and Ben got down on one knee. I was in shock and filled with so many emotions! I looked into the crowd and saw my parents, who he had flown out, along with other close friends and family. The whole day was an absolute dream! I couldn’t believe how many people were involved in this amazing proposal. It’s been a month and I’m still crying! Absolutely the best YES of my life!

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