Rachel and Austyn

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How We Met

​Austyn and I met in my hometown of Cave Creek. Despite years of living only miles away from each other, our “meet-cute” didn’t happen until December 2013 at Janey’s, a local coffee shop and bar. After just a few hours of chatting and getting to know one another, we both knew that something special had begun. Later that week, we went on our first official date but even later that same week, I would be going back to school to finish my senior year of college. Honestly, a long-distance relationship just months before graduation wasn’t something I had expected. So when the time came to discuss our future plans, I suggested that we remain friends until I graduated and moved back to Arizona. Austyn agreed. About five minutes later, however, he said, “I changed my mind. I want you to be my girlfriend.” My heart started to flutter and butterflies filled my stomach – I smiled and said, “I want that too!”

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How They Asked

After another three years of long-distance between LA, where I was attending grad school, and Scottsdale, we finally moved in together!!! Being back in Arizona with the person I love most has been so incredibly special. Even though both Austyn and I have lived here for years, it feels as though we’re exploring a “new” city together as a couple. We’ve both found work that challenges and excites us while spending time with both of our parents has become one of our favorite weekend adventures. Most of all, we’re in the city where we had begun our lives together five years ago and it would become the place where our forever started.

December 12, 2018. In my mind that morning, it was just another day. So when Austyn texted me saying that he didn’t want to cook and would rather go out for dinner that night, I didn’t think much of it. In hindsight, there were many hints that indeed it was not just another day. For one, when I got home from work, Austyn was looking rather dapper and said he had made reservations for dinner (hint #1). I suggested we Uber there right before our reservation but Austyn insisted that we go early to walk around since he knew that the area by the restaurant had been decorated for Christmas (hint #2). When we got there, we walked around the canal and took some pictures of the lights and other holiday decorations. All the while Austyn had been calmly insisting that we go look at the big Christmas tree (hint #3). Even when I saw one of Austyn’s friends out of the corner of my eye, (hint #4) I was still oblivious to his master plan. It was only as I turning towards Austyn to tell him of my discovery that it finally clicked. Down on one knee, calling me the queen of his universe, and promising a forever kind of love, the man of my dreams, my best friend in the world, asked me to marry him.