Rachel and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I met when we were in Jr. High. We went to rival schools so there were always brief meetings between our friend groups. Originally, Austin liked one of my best friends. This soon ended when my friend introduced him to me. We were young, but we always found ourselves texting or calling one another daily. As time went on, we spent more time together and Austin finally asked me to be his girlfriend. He asked me on Valentine’s Day I might add (I think he did this so he would never forget our anniversary. He was smart when he was 14). We have had our ups and downs, as every couple has but he has always been the one I envisioned myself growing old with (even at 14 years old).

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how they asked

Austin and I have been together nearly 7 years. The last 4 years we have gone to Chicago every December for a weekend. We decided to make this year’s trip a long weekend so we could go to a Chicago Bears game. It was Friday night and we were downtown for dinner when I realized I forgot the Bears tickets at home (3.5 hours away). I wasn’t too worried about it because StubHub had a location downtown and I figured we could go in the next morning and get our tickets reprinted. Turns out StubHub couldn’t gain access to print our tickets so I was in a panic trying to figure out how we were going to get them before the game that started in less than 24 hours. I was in stress mode, to say the least. We visited some of the most iconic Chicago sites that day: Navy Pier, The Bean, Millennium Park, etc.

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Everywhere we went Austin kept asking me for a picture, and every time I turned him down because I was too busy trying to figure out how to get our tickets. We were in luck when Austin’s brother decided to buy his own tickets to the game as well as bring us ours. By the time we had figured out a solution, we were getting ready for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants downtown, Rosebud on Rush. When we got seated Austin got up to use the “restroom”. He came back and sat down and our waitress approached the table with our drinks and said “Here is your peach martini, but I think you will like this one more” as she set down a champagne flute. I thought nothing of it as she was just bringing us an extra drink. Austin handed his phone to her and I, of course, assumed he wanted his picture that he had been asking for all day when I noticed a sparkle in my champagne. By the time I realized what was happening, Austin was down on one knee and I was in tears. After I said yes he went on to explain to me that he had been trying to propose all day (asking to take pictures around Chicago) and I kept turning him down. I learned my lesson and I will never deny him a picture opportunity again

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