Rachel and Asa

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How We Met

Asa and I have known each other almost our entire lives. His father Wendall(Yogi) and my father David are good friends. They met in the military. Later on Wendall introduced my father to his family and since then both our families have lived in Maine. Asa is older than I am and so we grew up at different times. Almost 4 years ago my father had became ill and later diagnosed with cancer. I remember bringing my father home after a month stay in the hospital and seeing the Jones family, Melody Asa’s mother , Yogi and Asa working around my fathers house. I remember making eye contact with Asa and the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Later that day my father had said he noticed the exchange of looks. Fast forward a few months and our family was gathering again and we had been secretly seeing one another. Asa had gone to my fathers to ask permission to date me. Of course my father said yes.

how they asked

Three years later, we have been together and I always knew he was the one. We like to watch the sunsets because we live close to the coast so it was our thing. One Saturday morning 10/28/17 I had gone to hang out with my twin sister, Hannah and her daughter and later when I came home Asa was all dressed in my favorite red button up shirt of his and told me we were going to dinner. I had gotten ready, and Asa said that we should go watch the sunset tonight. We headed down to Winter Harbor, ME to schoodic point. We got out of the truck and headed down to the cliffs and sat near the ledge, we watched the sun set and had some of the best conversations about how far we have come. A seal had popped up to the right of us and I was distracted for a few seconds. After the seal had disappeared I had turned back to talk with Asa and he said that he was in love with me. Asa then got on his knee with my left hand in his hand , and asked me to marry him . I was so surprised and so in love .. the emotion was so raw that I just balled . Of course I said YES!!! Later that night I had called my dad on the phone to tell him our good news and he told me Asa had come to see him that morning to ask for my hand in marriage. My father said he has watched us grow and is so happy for our future. He couldn’t imagine us with anyone else. Talk about heart throbbing, ugly crying emotion. I am the luckiest woman alive and I cannot wait to be Asa Jones wife. #futuremrsjones

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