Rachel and Anthony

How We Met: Ant & I met at Uconn our junior year of college.  He had just transferred up and was good friends from home with a friend of mine.  We met at a wine and cheese party our mutual friends hosted – we had all gotten together for a “fancy” evening in the college dorm.  It was about as romantic as you would expect that to be – I was not so subtly staring at Chris’ cute friend from across the room and my roommate kept telling me to stop staring because I was being too obvious.


It obviously worked though!  As I crossed the room to use the bathroom, Ant stopped me and introduced himself.  We spent the rest of the night talking….on our way back across campus later we stopped for food – he had lost his wallet and so I bought his chicken wings (a perfect excuse for him to ask me out later!)  A silly detail I remember so vividly is that I tripped on a curb walking back – I was mortified and he brushed it off with a quick and good humored joke, making me laugh so hard at myself in the moment.


I found out that night when we got back to my apartment with our friends that I had been accepted into a study abroad program the next semester.  I couldn’t help thinking how ironic the timing was – I met this cute boy and was now going to be leaving for four months.


As it turned out…we ended up dating anyway, and even though we’d only been together a couple of months, he flew out to Spain to visit me during spring break!  We knew right away we had something special.

how they asked: Ant and I have birthdays that are 4 days apart.  Last year, we were leaving for a dream vacation to Switzerland and Italy 2 weeks after our birthdays.  We had been looking at houses, and made plans to sign paperwork to put an offer in on a house the day after Ant’s birthday.

We both went to work (or so I thought) and met afterwards at the realtor’s office.  I thought we were late to meet his parents for a belated birthday dinner, and was stressed about that and the mortgage paperwork, so when we left I was super distracted and focused on getting home to change…I thought Ant was in the car right behind me.

When I got home, there was a sign on the door – telling me to go inside and take a walk down memory lane.  When I walked inside, our song was playing – candles were burning, and there were pictures of us everywhere.

There were three notes along the way – talking about our relationship and where we’d been and where we are going.  I barely processed any of it!  The last note said “so you might be laughing, or maybe crying, or probably both…but I need you to focus!” (he knows me so well) and gave me direction on where to meet him.

He was down by the water at Chaffinch Park in Guilford…a place we refer to as “ours”….it was low tide and he was out at the edge of the rocks waiting for me with the most beautiful ring.  I’ll never forget how nervous he looked, or how happy I was! I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal.  We had plenty of time to celebrate just the two of us – then his parents met us eventually later that night!  Since it was “birthday week” – we already had plans to see friends and family also, so we got to celebrate with all of our loved ones right away! And best of all – our Switzerland/Italy vacation became our “EMoon” – a perfect couple of weeks away to enjoy being engaged. (I can NOT recommend this idea more – everyone should do it!!!)

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Photos by: Alicia Ann Photographers