Rachel and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met when I was transferring home from WKU my freshman year of college. I was home sick and wanted to be back at Uofl closer to my family. My friend Katie and I had just gotten back from the beach and were planning on going out to celebrate the big 1-9. We were planning on meeting up with our close friend Josh who was in a fraternity at Uofl. Katie and I met up with Josh and a few of his closest buddies and started the night off. One of those close buddies is now, my fiancé, Alex ;)

That night there was something in the air that just clicked with us. We acted like we had known each other forever. There was definitely love in the air! The next day we knew we wanted to see each other again and we ended up going 2 straight weeks seeing each other everyday. Needless to say, we have been attached at the hip ever since.

Alex and I have now been together for over four and a half years. We have a fur baby named Scout, a five month old Golden Retriever.

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how they asked

I am a cheer coach at St. X High school here in Louisville with my mom so we coach every Friday night for football games. I was a cheerleader there in high school and this is our third year of coaching. On September 29, we played our biggest rival, Trinity. We play them at The University of Louisville’s footballs field. That night Alex was planning on working late so I didn’t think he would be there. He played it up realllllly well, sending me pictures of our puppy in our backyard, I was oblivious what he had up his sleeve!

At halftime, we went across the field to watch the high school dance teams preform. When the dances were over we headed back over to our sideline and my mom nudged me and said “Give me your phone, walk over to the cheerleaders and get a picture .” I was obviously still clueless! (Sweet Caroline was playing in the background too, still didn’t hit me anything was happening). As I got closer, I noticed a big sign they had held up saying “Rachel, will you marry me?” Two seconds later Alex popped out and walked over and was down on one knee. I still to this day think I blacked out I was so surprised/nervous in front of 24,000 people!! Obviously it was a HUGE YES! from me. The best night of my life <3

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I work at a local news station here in town and they aired it on the news the night it happened. So glad my job was a special part of our night!

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