Rachel and Alan

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How We Met

Alan and I met when I was 14 years old. In our hometown, at that age, being at the mall called the Avenues was the “cool thing” to do. Well, a friend and myself had my Mother drive us to this mall so we could hangout with a few of our friends and their friends from another high school in the county. At some point while waiting on them to arrive, we walked into Barnes & Noble and were walking around waiting for them. I hear our friend Aaron call our names, so we look over and there he was. Now, keep in mind we were both awkward teenagers.. Alan with his over-sized jeans and goofy neon yellow shirt. Me with frizzy hair and terribly done make up. However, regardless of all that, I knew he was the one. We locked eyes and it felt like we were the only people there. We started out as best friends, cause neither of us really knew how relationships or dating worked.

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We always got into stupid little arguments, which in the grand scheme of things was hilarious thinking about it now.. Oh to be teenagers… Unfortunately, with separated high schools and no cars at that age, we never really saw each other. Now, flash forward 5 years later, Alan’s best friend Peyton and I moved into our college’s off-campus housing together since we attended the same university.. And then I started seeing Alan so much, every weekend. I felt so happy and we finally started reconnecting again. It felt like we were never apart. Alan is the type of person I could spend every moment with and it still wouldn’t be enough. He makes my heart full and happy, he’s my very best friend. He truly knows how to make me laugh and live, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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how they asked

After Alan and I had been dating and also living together for about a year, we really started talking talking about our future. We knew without a single doubt in our minds that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. So, for awhile, we looked at rings and talked about what we wanted. While I knew that it would be coming soon, I was not aware of HOW soon and of what my then-boyfriend had up his sleeve. The day after Christmas, Alan had the day off from work so he wanted to take me on a little date to one of the prettiest places north Georgia has to offer. Amicalola Falls is known for its steep, gorgeous and large waterfall that runs right down the middle of the park. It is also the starting point of the Appalachian Trail!! We drove to the top with the intention of climbing down the 600 steps to the bottom to get a look at its beauty. What I didn’t know is what he really had planned!

When we made it to the bottom about thirty minutes later, Alan started looking a bit more nervous and kept looking around as if he were looking for someone. It turns out he WAS looking for someone. He was making sure a high school friend of mine, who was hidden to take pictures, was ready to snap the photos for the moment ahead! While I was marveling at the waterfall.. Alan caught my eye and asked me, “You know how much I love you right? I love you with everything I have.” Then my heart started pounding as I realized what was happening…. And he pulls out a navy blue box, gets down on one knee, and says.. “Rachel I love you more than anything in this world.. Will you marry me?”

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To which I whole-heartedly said “YES!!”.. Afterward, Farrah our wonderful photographer, also included a little engagement session to really be able to cherish and remember the amazing day.

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Special Thanks

Farrah Parrish
 | Farrah Brianna Photography