Rachel and Addison

How We Met

Addison and I met a few years back when we were both in Greek Life at UNC Charlotte. I went to his fraternity KA formal with one of his brothers and Addison was with another girl. We first met when he came up to me and tried to dance all over me on the dance floor (wasn’t the best first impression ha!). A year and a half had passed and we again crossed paths at Younglife (a ministry at UNCC) and both learned that we both had stepped away from Greek life and pursed leadership in ministry. At that time we both were still dating other people and it wasn’t for another few months when he asked me to meet for coffee at and we chatted for hours. He continued to ask me out on dates and pursued me like no other! He had the biggest heard and then he finally asked me to be his girlfriend! Since I started dating Addison, I fell more and more in love with him and his heart.

Image 1 of Rachel and Addison

how they asked

I am a photographer so his asked me to shoot his family pictures for their Christmas card at Freedom Park. OF COURSE I WOULD! So we planned to all meet around 2:30 on Sunday afternoon at the park. Addison and I arrived at 2 so I could get an idea as to where we were going to take pictures. I had him stand in different places so I could get a couple shots and practice. Little did I know he was shaking in his knees! He continued to walk in front of me and encouraged me to go on the bridge and take some pictures and when we got onto the bridge he started to tell me all the sweet and kind words and before I knew it HE WAS ON ONE KNEE. I balled my eyes out and said YES! It was the most amazing day!

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Special Thanks

Devin and Kathryn Robinson
 | Anchor and Veil Photography