Rachel and Adam

How We Met: Adam and I met in High School but we were never close or really talked to one another. We both went to different colleges and still never reconnected. When I decided to go to Graduate school at Syracuse University, he Facebook messaged me stating we should hang out sometime. He was in Rochester at the time and soon enough, he was making weekend trips out to Syracuse to see me. We started dating and eventually moved in together after 6 months or so. We travelled together and found that we were spending all of our free time together. We had been dating almost 3 years and I was becoming antsy and started dropping comments about getting married which he seemed to have no urgency to get married at the time. He knew he was the one for me and I knew the same even though he wasn’t as verbal about it.

how they asked: We went to Vegas ( A city that he LOVES!) with his parents and stayed at the Bellagio. A High School friend of his works at the front desk there and Adam said that we were going to take him out to a nice dinner Friday night to thank him for getting us a good price on a room. Friday came and Adam told me we had to get dressed up for dinner that night. We went to a French restaurant and had a meal that seemed to never end. We had about a three hour dinner and at the end e prepared to leave. Adam told me that there is something special to see outside of the Bellagio that was recommended by our friend. I walked out onto a two tiered patio overlooking the Bellagio fountains and when I turned around Adam was the only one out there with me. I walked down to the lower level and noted red rose petals that went down the stairs and created a heart on the floor. I walked adorn and Adam said, “You know I love you right?” I said yes and he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him and I said yes. And the rest was history.

Image 1 of Rachel and Adam