Rachel and Adam

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How We Met

How we met? During high school, Adam and I both went to the same school and attended youth group together. Adam was a cute senior football player, so smart and kind. I had the biggest crush on him my freshmen year of high school, but I never thought we’d actually date. He graduated and went on to college, while I enjoyed the remainder of my high school years. We kept in touch occasionally, but it was not until the summer after my freshmen year of college at Clemson that we went on a first date. Adam took me to the driving range, and with much patience, taught me how to play golf. Afterwards we got pizza and caught up on old friends and our lives over the last several years. As the night came to an end, Adam took me home and walked me to the door. What happened next has now turned into the longest running joke of my family and friends. I gave Adam a side hug and said, “Thanks for paying.” (What was I thinking?!) Even after a very awkward and embarrassing- yet wildly funny- end to our first date, Adam continued to pursue me all summer and our lives began to merge. From that summer on, our growing relationship consisted of long drives from Atlanta to Clemson, adventures together every chance we got, and lots of prayer and trusting in Jesus.

how they asked

how they asked? Adam had been working on a very strenuous deadline at work for the last several weeks, so it came at no surprise to me when he asked if we could drop drawings off at the Architect’s office on the way to dinner. We pulled up to an office space in downtown Atlanta, and Adam had a fedex package tucked under his arm to deliver upstairs. We were greeted at the front by the “architect” (aka the actual venue owner). She and Adam discussed “work” matters as she took us up the elevator to her office level. As we got to the top, she offered for Adam and I to check out their patio with skyline views while she grabbed her drawings for him. We walked out and were amazed at the perfect Atlanta view. Adam turned to me and began ripping open the fedex package. As my jaw dropped and my heart pounded out of my chest, I realized what was happening. Adam dropped to one knee and told me how long he had been waiting and praying for this moment! I said, “YES” as two of his best friends ran around the corner and captured the entire moment! I could not have been more surprised and ecstatic!

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We went back to my house to show my parents, and Adam said he wanted to show them before I called anyone to share the news. As we pulled into my neighborhood, I noticed tons of cars in my driveway, and I immediately lost it! My dearest friends and family were all there waiting to celebrate us! I had loved ones fly and drive hours to be there, and everyone showered us with excitement and love. As I cried through hugging everyone and showing off my perfect ring, they all began to tell me how Adam had been planning this for months! I was so overwhelmingly grateful, and forever will be! How did I get so lucky to marry this man!

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