Racheal and Chad

How We Met

Chad asked me to marry him in a very shocking way. He is very quiet and reserved by nature, and so I never expected him to propose to me in an auditorium full of people. I was completely blown away and had no idea it was occurring that day. He proposed to me at his graduation from police academy- a day that was supposed to be just about him. The funniest part of it all to me is that I was with him when he bought the poster board the guys were holding, he told me that he had to have it for a project they were doing at the academy. I lauded so hard when I realized that the project was “Racheal, will you marry me?” It was a surreal day, and I’m so thankful for it.

how they asked

In the video, I thought I was going to stand by Chad to take pictures. I turn around to face the camera and when I turned back to look at Chad, he was on one knee. It was insane and I don’t even recall the exact words he said, but I was flabbergasted. There will never be another day to compare this one to.

Image 1 of Racheal Ann and Chad Daniel

Our Video