Rachael and Brandon

How We Met

We had both recently split from our ex partners when we went to a mutual friend gathering. Considering we lived in a small coastal town where everyone new everyone i was shocked when there was a cute guy at the party i didn’t know. We began talking after i lost my drink and he helped me find it. When i lost my drink a second and a third time i knew exactly who could help me…. any excuse to talk to the cute guy right!

Rachael's Proposal in Wineglass Bay Lookout, Tasmania

From there we spent the night on the bathroom floor talking about everything and anything, it felt like we had known each other for years. The next morning when he called in sick to work to cook me breakfast in bed i knew he was a keeper. Fast forward a few weeks and we were dating, fast forward 3 months we were living together and a year on we had our own place and were planning an overseas holiday together. Things always progressed very quickly for us but it was felt right and like the saying goes, when you know, you know!

Proposal Ideas Wineglass Bay Lookout, Tasmania

how they asked

We had planned a one week holiday to Tasmania for Brandon’s birthday to visit his best friend and his partner who lived down there. Whilst we were down there we planned to visit a few of the tourist attractions including Wineglass Bay. On the drive up there the topic of engagements and weddings came up to which us girls got very excited about and of course the boys dismissed very quickly , I even showed his girlfriend my dream ring. We got to the mountain and we started the climb to the lookout. It was a pretty decent walk and i complained the whole way up, stating i would never be coming here again! We got to the top and we were met with the most beautiful view of wine glass bay and i knew it was totally worth it.

We had a beautiful picnic on top of the mountain and before we went to leave we wanted to get some photos. Brandon and I were facing the view while our friends took some pictures of us, and Brandon went on to say how much we had achieved in the past few years and how lucky we were to have each other and he had one last thing for me. A penny dropped in my head that this would be the perfect opportunity for him to pop the question but i dismissed the idea instantly and didn’t want to ruin the moment so i pointed to some silly face on the cliff face to try and change the topic. He politely acknowledged the face but said those few words again…. And just one last thing. And before i new it he had turned me around and he was kneeling down on one knee with the purple box in his hand.

And there it was, my dream ring, the ring i had only been showing them the day before. I turned around to our friends in disbelief to realise they had all been filming and taking pictures of the proposal. We also had a crowed of around 20 other tourists clapping and cheering and congratulating us.

It was strange because in the moment of it all it really felt like it was only me and him on top of that mountain. Watching back the video i don’t even say yes till he asks me again because i am running on the spot with excitement. So maybe i will end up going back there again and doing that dreaded walk as it will be a place the will always hold such special memories.

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