Rachael and Patrick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Miami, FL

How We Met

Picture it: Dallas, summer of 2016. I had been on Bumble and was just using Tinder as a “let’s see what happens”. After a slew of awkward dates, I decided the next date I went in would be my last for a while (& lo & behold, it was). We met up at a pizza place by my apartment. Patrick spoke….a lot. He spoke about college, his home back in Massachusetts, tattoos. I was mostly quiet as I was just enthralled by it all. On that first date, we learned that we were both out of state transplants in Dallas. I’m originally from Miami, FL and Patrick is from Dartmouth, MA. At the time we met, I was actually in an online graduate program for a school located in northern MA that (while is a great program) I was originally enticed by because I always felt like I would end up in Massachusetts). We also share a mutual love for the Red Sox. We joke now about how he definitely thought he blew it on the first date. But alas, he did not. He walked me to my apartment complex, we hugged & then he went on his way.

Later that week I was going to go on a friend trip to New Orleans and he asked if he could see me again and grab a beer before I left. I agreed and we met up 2 days after our first date for what was supposed to be one beer. Funny story about this day. Matt Bellesai (Wine About It) was touring and was going to have a show in Dallas on that same night. I had bought the last ticket and was absolutely okay with seeing it by myself. I thought “okay I have plenty of time to grab a beer or two, get home and changed, & head to the show”. That is not how that went down. Yes, we had a beer (or three), but the first time I looked at my watch that entire evening and I realized it was 30 minutes before the show was going to start. I had spent 2.5 hours chatting it up with Patrick without any concept of time. That’s when I realized that I REALLY liked him.

Patrick claims he was going to kiss me that night when he walked me to my car, that is….until I looked down and commented on him wearing sandals on a date (it’s a whole thing). I spent a large part of that trip texting back and forth with Patrick and we went on our third date where he kissed me and my initial reaction was “FINALLY”.

How They Asked

On the first trip where Patrick came back home with me to Miami, I took him to my absolute favorite ice cream shop; Azucar in Little Havana. It’s a woman owned Cuban Ice cream shop. I’m a dessert fiend and Patrick loves anything and everything ice cream related. Fast forward a few months after that trip and Azucar opens up a second location in Dallas, TX of all places! You can bet that we frequented that location while in Dallas.

We had recently moved from Dallas to southern Massachusetts to be closer to family and for a job opportunity, however, a few months prior to our move Patrick and I discussed how it’d be really neat to plan a trip where his parents can come down to Miami to meet my family and see where I grew up.

With the trip planned, Patrick, his parents, & I fly down to Miami. After almost 3 years of dating our families finally meet and things go well. We took a day to show his parents different parts of Miami and we finally get to Little Havana. We stroll Calle Ocho, shop a bit and stop for a drink at Ball & Chain. I decide to grab a table before they’re all gone in the back patio while everyone else gets their drinks. Patrick’s mom comes outside and says Pat has to take a work call and step out. I (of course) start commenting on how we’re on vacation and work can wait. When he comes to sit he says he went to take the work call in Azucar (right next door) because it was ridiculously hot outside and they have AC, but he wanted to show me something cool when we get there (& I don’t question this because, yes, of course, we would need to eat ice cream after drinks).

Let me preface this next part by saying that in Azucar, they have a giant chalkboard wall where guests can doodle and whatnot. So, we step into Azucar and he goes to show me something written on the wall. I see the words “Rachael, will you marry me?” And my first thought was “oh, someone named Rachael is getting proposed to”. I would be that Rachael. Next thing I know, Patrick is down on one knee and people are clapping and I’m flipping out. I, of course, said yes and the employees of Azucar start playing “I think I want to marry you” over the speakers.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Miami, FL

It couldn’t have been more appropriate for us and we cannot wait for all the sweet memories we have yet to make.