Rachael and Nathan

How We Met

We’ve actually known each other since we were little. Our dads grew up together and we would see each other occasionally; not really close but talked from time to time & got together a few times.

Image 1 of Rachael and Nathan

He actually asked me on a date 2 years before I said yes. (Never going to live that one down!! He tells me all the time, if I would’ve said yes the first time, we would already be married with babies by now.) Fast forward to the fall of 2018, out of the blue, we started talking again and he asked me to come to a friends’ bonfire. I said yes this time!! We were instantly hooked!

Image 2 of Rachael and Nathan

How They Asked

We love taking his boat out on the river & spending the weekends out there. The weekend was going to be absolutely perfect weather so he invited our parents to go out with us.

Image 3 of Rachael and Nathan

Normally he likes people to sit while he’s driving but he kept trying to get me to go up to the front of the boat with him. Obviously I had no clue so I just sat there.

Image 4 of Rachael and Nathan

He tried about 3 different times before he finally said “Would you just come here!?” Lol! So I went to stand by him & he was showing me something offshore when I turned around to look at him & there he was. Getting down one knee!! 😍 It was a perfect day.

Image 5 of Rachael and Nathan

Special Thanks

 | Rachael's dad
 | Nathan's mom