Rachael and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met a few summers back in Virginia Beach through a mutual friend. I had started a new job and one of my new coworkers took me out at the oceanfront and I spotted Mike immediately among the group if friends she introduced me to. I found out later the feeling was mutual. We went on a few dates but like an idiot I turned him down (2 different times to be exact). Little did I know that a surprising turn of events and fate would bring us back together a couple years later. Apparently the saying “3rd times a charm’ really is true because this wonderful and patient soul took me back after some serious convincing. You know you’ve found the love of you life when he refuses to give up on you, no matter how much time has passed and despite what happened in the past. So, the starts must have aligned and the timing was right because we’ve been inseparable ever since he decided to give his dream girl one last chance. My family had been on team Mike since day one and I was too dumb to realize what I had in front of me. I loved him since the moment I saw him, even if I didn’t know it at the time. I found out from his cousin that he knew I would be his wife someday.

how they asked

That day finally came on a Friday night, spur of the moment dinner. Remember the fate thing I talked about? Yeah well, I was supposed to work Friday night. That was cancelled last minute and he just couldn’t wait a day longer to ask me to marry him. The poor guy has been planning to propose for a month but things kept coming up. He even had the ring when we went on a trip to London a few months ago. We went to the most beautiful restaurant in Virginia Beach that we had been to once before during restaurant week. Did I mention this is the most expensive restaurant in Virginia Beach? He lied and said he had a gift card from work so that I wouldn’t be suspicious of going to this fantastic restaurant for a casual dinner. Well, there was no gift card. We ate like kings and before dessert he looked nervous and before I could guess what was happening he pulled the ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee beside our candle lit table tucked away in the restaurant and asked me to marry him. I was in so much shock that I think I made him stay on his knee for what seemed like forever because I couldn’t speak. Of course I said yes. The ring is stunning and incorporates a diamond from his great grandmothers wedding ring. The whole restaurant was in on it too because he told me he went to Salacia earlier in the evening to set this romantic surprise up. They made sure he had some liquid courage before I arrived at the restaurant. We celebrated with Champagne and New York Cheesecake and he surprised me yet again with a hotel room for the night. The staff sent up champagne and chocolate covered strawberries with a note congratulating us. The entire night was so special and romantic and magical that I wish I could relive it every day. Once we made the important call to our family (who had already known for months) we partied the night away at the sky bar and the rest is history. I fall in love with this man more and more everyday. He continues to surprise me and I will never take this time for granted. I love you Michael, I’m honored to be able to call myself your wife pretty soon. So girls, a bit of advice. If the most perfect man comes into your life and that scares you, good. He’s your prince charming, trust me.
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