Rachael and Josh

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We had this trip planned for months! It was the first trip where we would have stayed somewhere overnight together. We go on a lot of adventures but never somewhere far away. Anyway, we were both looking forward to it. Little did I know he had this whole secret plan. I had absolutely no idea it was coming. So here’s how the day went. We left home Thursday and on the way to Oregon, we stopped in Walla Walla (his hometown) to stay one night with his family. Sign number one, his dad insisted that I take this sweatshirt that had their last name on it, even though it didn’t fit either of us. We left Friday morning for Depot Bay. Arrived around three in the afternoon and he told me that I had to get ready because he already had plans for that night but I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions (sign #2). The only thing he told me was that he wanted to take pictures at the ocean. We are both photographers so this wasn’t weird. Pictures at the ocean were a must, so I agreed. We got ready and left but it was super misty and cloudy the whole day. No ocean views at all and it was a little chilly.

I wore this cute cream dress and jeans jacket but I brought other clothes in case it was too cold. Sign #3, he was driving but I wasn’t allowed to navigate because I wasn’t allowed to see the destination. About an hour later we showed up at Cape Kiwanda and I was super excited because Haystack Rocks is there. This was something I’ve always wanted to see but sign #4 came when I wanted to change into warmer clothes and he told me I wasn’t allowed. I still have no idea what’s happening. So now we are walking around along the water taking pictures and having tons of fun but he seems a little distracted. Then we start wandering over towards this sand hill and he wants to climb to the top to see the view from up high (but there is no view because it was so foggy). Anyway, we start climbing to the top and it is beautiful! There’s a fence warning people not to cross but of course he wants to cross it, he convinces me that it will be fun. Then up ahead, there is this lady all on her own, hiking up the cliff. He desperately wants to follow her because he is convinced that she is a local photographer that knows all the secret spots.

At this point I’m like no, lets not, I want to go back down and take a few more pictures along the water and then go get dinner because I’m starting to get hungry. He kept trying to convince me but finally just walks away and goes on his own; now I have to follow. We finally get to the top and the view is even more stunning than before. The lady we followed is pulling out a camera and he goes over and asked her to take our picture at the top with the rock in the background. It was super cute and then he got down on one knee and proposed!

Rachael and Josh's Engagement in Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, OR

Proposal Ideas Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, OR

I don’t think I answered right away because I remember him asking again but I said yes! That lady we followed, she was the photographer he had secretly been talking to the whole day. I was so glad that I didn’t change into warmer clothes. The pictures turned out great even though it was so foggy and misty. My hair was frizzy, our clothes were wet by the end from all the mist, we followed a stranger up the side of a cliff, and crossed fences that said keep out. It was all worth it! Props to all his planning. He truly made the day one I’ll never forget. I love you Josh Scheel!

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