Rachael and Jason

Wedding Proposal Ideas in St. Charles, MO

How We Met

Jason and I met just over a year before he proposed. I worked as a personal trainer at the local athletic club and he worked out there regularly with his trainer. One day, his trainer mentioned he was single to me and asked if it was okay to give him my number. Of course I said yes.

Every day I checked my phone hoping he would text me. I would purposely wait by the front desk at the gym when he came in to workout – hoping he we say hi or even “hey lets hangout.” It wasn’t until two weeks after giving him my number that he finally texted me and asked me to hangout. When we met I was training for a National Bikini Competition so we couldn’t go on a normal dinner date because of my diet. Our first “date” I invited him to the grocery store to show him how to grocery shop the healthy way. After that first date, not only was his life changed… but also his healthy eating habits :)

how they asked

One minute I was on a walk around downtown St. Charles, the next, Jason, was on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. In one single moment, every prayer was answered. Every dream come true…

It was the night of Jason’s 30th birthday. We had plans for a special date that night at one of our favorite restaurants. After training my last clients of the day, Jason asked if I wanted to go on a walk downtown. He had given me an Apple watch the night before and I was so excited to test it out. As we walked down to the Katy Trail, he opened up my GPS and started tracking our walk. He told me that the running app he installed to his watch was going to take us on a trail and would be telling us which way to go.

Every few yards, the Apple watch on Jason’s wrist would buzz to turn left or right. Now I know Apple watches don’t have this feature (ha). We would walk ten feet and then Jason would pull a U-turn. I thought to myself, “This is the most inconsistent walk ever – what kind of a runner would create this trail” but kept following his directions. The trail ended at a park pavilion. As we’re standing at the top, looking out onto the Missouri River, he tells me to open up the GPS app on my phone and look at our highlighted route.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in St. Charles, MO

He leaned in and said, “Rachael what does it spell out?” Of course I couldn’t read it so he had to guide me through each letter. M-A-R-R-Y M-E. By the time I sounded it out, he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. Still shaking and in shock, I whispered,“Yes.”

Later that night we had reservations for dinner at 7pm. Walking in to the dining room, I was surprised to see his entire family and mine both waiting at the table. Jason invited them to dinner and waited until we arrived to share the news. Once everyone said their congrats we all sat down to eat. As the waiter reached to fill up our glasses, the last surprise of the night came. My brother, who is interning in New York City this summer, appeared from the next room. Jason not only planned out this entire engagement, but also flew my brother in for the weekend just so he could be there for this special moment.