Rachael and James

How We Met

James and I met on a dating app! My friends still tell me how lucky and fortunate I am to have met my other half by just swiping right ! James had just got back from studying abroad and I was on a summer break. We decided to have lunch together for our first date at this Japanese ramen restaurant, which was kind of in middle of where we lived from each other. My silly self did not think of traffic during lunch hour, and I ended up getting there 30 minutes late. 30 minutes!!! Who does that??? Thankfully, he was still there waiting for me.

I instantly fell in love with his sweet smile. James keeps telling me how things were super awkward between us in the beginning but I never felt that way! I knew there was something different and special about this guy from the very beginning. After our 8th date (yes he counts), he asked me to be his girlfriend. He’s very unlike anyone I’ve met in my life. I learn what love truly feels like every time I am with him. Can’t believe he’s now my fiancé and husband-to-be.

How They Asked

The proposal happened while we were traveling in Canada to celebrate our one-year anniversary. We talked about marriage and pretty much taken care of the big stuff for the wedding in advance since we are both in school with busy schedule. About 2 months prior to the trip he confessed that he had arranged our engagement photoshoot with our wedding photographer in Old Quebec! I’ve been wanting to visit Old Quebec for so long, and now I get to have an engagement shoot there? How awesome is that?

We decided to start super early that Saturday morning since Old Quebec gets quite busy in the afternoon. Old Quebec is such a beautiful city. Every corner makes you stop and catches your attention. As we were walking around we found this one area where colorful umbrellas were hanging above the street. We stopped to take some pictures there, and our photographer, Savannah, told me that she wanted to take some solo shots of me. She asked me to focus on her camera while she directed me on poses. After a few minutes, she asked me to turn around to the other side. And there he was. James was on his knees, holding the most gorgeous ring on his hand. It finally happened! Everything was just so perfect. It still makes me tear up a little thinking about the moment. Oh yeah, by the way, I SAID YES!


Special Thanks

Authentic Collective
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Old Quebec
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