Rachael and Eric

Rachael's Proposal in Hollywood Beach FL

How We Met

Eric and I met on Bumble. I was a nurse and he was in med school, he says he remembers seeing me around the hospital when I had worked there. He asked me to Nacho Hippo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When I arrived I was so nervous I almost did not even go in. When I finally did after encouragement from my friend Sam, Eric was sitting on a barstool and I remembered him from the hospital. I mean who can forget a 6’5″ handsome man! I remember sitting on the table, still super nervous, so I was babbling. He just sat and listened and laughed with me. I remember him telling me I’m going to be matching soon into residency and having to move. I remember thinking ok this is over before it even starts, great. Well, two days later he asked “so when can I take you out again.” He took me bowling for our second date, we placed a bet on the game and I won. He had to get me wine and cheese. He claims he lost on purpose because this guaranteed him the third date! We traveled a lot our first two months of dating, Charleston, savannah and then a two week trip to Europe. Eric had already booked the trip to Europe and had asked me to go. After about a month of dating I agreed, at two months of dating we went on the greatest trip ever! Right before our trip to Europe, Eric found out his residency would be in St. Petersburg, Florida. I had to decide if I would move with him or stay in Myrtle Beach. I used our trip to Europe to be my deciding factor. Needless to say I moved with him. At four months of dating we moved in together. We have enjoyed almost two years together and we are so happy that this crazy road of romance has lead us to this point in our lives.

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Rachael and Eric's Engagement in Hollywood Beach FL

How They Asked

Eric’s family and I have traveled a little bit with each other. They asked Eric if he wanted to go to the Eagles game in Miami for his birthday. Of course, he said yes. His birthday was on Thanksgiving this year and the game was that Sunday. We flew down to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday. We were staying at Margaritaville at Hollywood Beach. A few days before we left, Eric’s mom sent me an itinerary for the weekend. It said we were hanging by the pool Saturday, meeting one of his parents friends named George at a bar, and then going to dinner. Sunday was game day. We arrived late Friday and went right to bed. Saturday morning came and we went to breakfast and then off to the pool. Everything seemed completely normal. Eric’s mom told me we were meeting down in the lobby at 4 pm. I was told to dress for dinner as we would not go back to our room after the bar meeting with George. As I was getting ready Eric had to run to his parents’ room to return some PA lottery tickets he had won on for his birthday because we couldn’t cash them in FL. I didn’t think anything of it, this is when he went to get the ring and practice getting down on one knee.

When we first checked in, the hotel got our room mixed up with Eric’s parents room, so what was meant to be our room turned into Eric’s parents room.

We were about to walk out of our room when room service knocked. A man carrying a tray with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries were there. He said it was for us, however Eric insisted we didn’t order that and the man said “you are Mr. Yuschak right?” and Eric said uh yes. I then said I think you mean the other Mr. Yuschak. Eric then said it’s fine, let the man put it down. Eric then rushed me out of the room and we went downstairs. (after he proposed Eric and I found a card on the tray of champagne and strawberries that said “congratulations on your engagement.” THANK GOODNESS I DIDN’T SEE IT!)

We were in the lobby and Eric had already ordered the uber. He told me he thought his parents were already down there. The uber was getting closer and his parents still weren’t downstairs. His sister showed up and said something about Eric’s dads shirt and that Eric’s mom is freaking out about the shirt. She told us to just go ahead and they would meet us there. In the uber Eric said my dad probably fell asleep in his shirt and now my mom had to iron it and I just laughed because it was a reasonable story. We arrived at the bar and Eric said I don’t even know who George is, so let’s walk the beach so we aren’t awkwardly standing here. Eric said let’s walk to the lifeguard stand and back, and let me text my sister so she knows where we are (he was texting the photographer). We got to the lifeguard stand and Eric asked if we should keep going or walk back. I said let’s walk back. Eric said wait let’s take a quick selfie, we do this a lot on beaches. This is when a nice lady (who turned out to be the photographer) passed by and asked if she could take our photo for us. She did so, then she walked away. Eric then turned to me, and says “can you put your shoes down.” and started to get down on one knee and I instantly knew what he was about to do. I said “O MY GOD is this happening right now!” and he dropped to one knee, I don’t remember exactly what he said but I do remember “will you marry me?” Eric had gone on flytographer.com and hired Cheryl, who did an entire photoshoot with us!

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After some photos on the beach and boardwalk, Eric said let’s go to the bar across from the hotel and take pictures with my family. We got to the bar and He surprised me again by arranging it with my mom and stepdad to also meet us there! We took photos and had some drinks then we all enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant, Eric’s mom and sister had brought over these super cute cookies saying “She Said Yes!” for us all to enjoy! it was so amazing!

The last surprise of the night was arriving back to our room. Eric had two matching Eagles shirts for us. His said “I asked” with the number 11 (for November) and mine said “I said yes” with the number 30, the day he asked me to marry him. This was the best weekend ever and I’m completely surprised at how Eric pulled it all off!

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