Rachael and Brandon

How We Met: Brandon and I met through a mutual friend on New Years Eve. He had on cowboy boots and a plaid shirt that matched his bright blue eyes. I was smitten from the very beginning. He asked me to marry him a couple hours later when he saw the Star Wars lock screen on my phone. I said yes and a couple hour later we kissed at midnight.

how they asked: He picked me up from work and said he wanted to go eat dinner in St. Johns. Which is weird because we never go to St. Johns for dinner. On our way there we crossed the St Johns Bridge and he start to ask me questions about the park below. “You like that park,right?” He said, “lets just go down there before dinner.” It was suspicious.

We drove down there to the park in the rain and he walked me down the steps to the landing area where he started to ask me questions about our future and why I love him so much. He told me that I still give him butterflies. Then he dropped to one knee and said a bunch of stuff that I do not remember because I was so in shock.

Image 1 of Rachael and Brandon

Image 2 of Rachael and Brandon

He ended with “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

Image 3 of Rachael and Brandon

Image 4 of Rachael and Brandon

I said yes and instantly hear the click of a camera. I knew one of my dearest friends Cat was there to photograph the proposal.

Image 5 of Rachael and Brandon

Brandon had always said that when the time came he would get Cat to capture the moment. When I finally turned around I realized our other friend Channi was there too.

Image 6 of Rachael and Brandon

Channi was with me the night I met Brandon, so it was fitting for her to be a part of this moment as well.

Image 7 of Rachael and Brandon

Unbeknownst to me, people in the park were watching and cheered us on yelling “Congrats!” It was the sweetest moment in time.

Image 8 of Rachael and Brandon
Image 9 of Rachael and Brandon

Photos by: Cat Dossett