Quinton and Vivi

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How we met

Quinton and I met freshman year of high school. We had a few classes together and it wasn’t long before we became good friends. Quinton had a crush on me, but I had a boyfriend at the time and swore we would only ever be “just friends”.

Senior year rolled around and Quinton encouraged me to apply to the University of Central Florida. Sure enough, we both got in and pursued our studies in Orlando. We stayed friends during our time at UCF, but it wasn’t until senior year of college that sparks started to fly.

At the time, I was president of my sorority and needed a date for my sorority’s date function. Since I was in charge of check-in, I wanted a stress-free date that I knew I could have fun with. Quinton is super easygoing and is friends with everyone so I thought he’d make the perfect date.

We had so much fun and stayed up all night reminiscing about high school and college days. From that point we started hanging out more and more but I was hesitant to start dating in fear that something could go wrong and I’d lose one of my closest friends. Luckily, Quinton is pretty persistent and it wasn’t long before we became official. After graduation, jobs and families brought us both back to St. Pete where our relationship has continued to grow!

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how they asked

March is always a busy month for us. Our birthdays are 2 weeks apart so it feels like we are always going non-stop. This year, Quinton told me he had planned a surprise “activity” for my birthday. I had no idea what he had planned.

At 8:30am Quinton shows up at my house and makes me breakfast in bed (a birthday tradition in my family). He then presents me with two gift bags and tells me I have to pick one- the bag I choose determines how my day will go and what activity we will do. I chose the black and gold bag. Inside there is a note- he is sending me on a scavenger hunt! My first clue reads: “Today there is no time to stop, so take a hop over to your favorite “Shop”. The Shop is my favorite boutique! When I get to the Shop, I am greeted and handed another gift bag. Inside, there is a stunning red dress and bracelet that Quinton had picked out for me. I’m gushing!

My next clue reads: “When all else fails, follow the trail to paint your nails”. My appointment is at Nouvelle Beauty Bar downtown where I get pampered to the max! With a fresh mani, I am presented with my next clue: “Before you move ahead, let’s get you fed at the Cantina with the table that is red”. Red Mesa Cantina is one of my favorite restaurants. I am fully expecting that this is my last stop and to meet Quinton there. However, when I walk in I see my sisters at a table waiting for me. How fun! A sister lunch! They insist on getting dessert and the waiter brings us a delicious banana split with a candle (this is all for my birthday, remember!)

They sing happy birthday and before we leave, the waiter hands me my next clue: “Head back to your home address, put on your new red dress and freshen up so you can progress”. At home, I quickly freshen up so that I can get my next clue! The next clue is a map- with directions to call him when ready. I call Quinton and tells me I’m not done yet. I have to stop and take pictures of 3 more places before he can reveal my final destination. The final clue is to meet him at “The historic downtown hotel that is pink”. The Vinoy! Quinton meets me there- I am so excited to finally see him! I can’t take it anymore and I beg that he tell me what we’re doing. He tells me we’re going to be taking a dance lesson (something I’ve always wanted to do) but that we’re a little early, and so suggests we walk across the street to 400 Beach for a drink. I am so convinced that this is the plan that at no point do I think something is up.

There is a beautiful park parallel to the Vinoy, Quinton suggests walking through the park to get to 400 Beach. We are about halfway through the park when all the sudden Quinton “trips”, does a somersault and lands on one knee.

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My jaw drops! Is this happening?! Quinton grabs my hand and asks me to make him the happiest man in the world and spend my life with him. I say “YES! A million times yes!” I bend down to kiss my fiancé and I hear cheering in the distance. Quinton had invited all of our families and friends who had been watching the whole time from 400 Beach! I am shocked! Friends and family flew or drove in from out of town to be there on one of the happiest days of our lives!

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To celebrate, Quinton reserved the Champagne Room at another restaurant just down the street for a toast. I am totally overwhelmed with love! All of the most important people in our lives are there to celebrate with us! The celebration continues at our condo downtown where he had been grilling and cooking all day while I was getting pampered. We partied all night with all of our favorite people.

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I could not have imagined a more thoughtful or special engagement and we are so happy we were able to share that special day with so many loved ones. Wedding plans are underway and we’ll be tying the knot next year at the Vinoy!

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