Quinn and Caleb

Caleb Quinn-Caleb Quinn-0064

How We Met: What happens when a yankee girl and a southern gentleman fall in love? A spectacular Central Park Engagement, of course! Caleb and I met my during my first semester freshman year in a communications class. I am a journalism major, he was a broadcast major, pretty much love at first sight. We started dating December 3, 2012.

how they asked: School breaks would come and he would drive all the way from his home in North Carolina to come visit me in Connecticut. I thought that this was just another visit.

Kelly and Zack came up to go to a wedding in New Jersey and they stayed at my house with Caleb and I. She asked to take pictures of us in NYC. We walked around taking pictures at all different places in NYC. We got to central park and started snapping a few there. I did not suspect what happened next.


Photos by: Kaypea Photography