Quinci and Daniel

How We Met

One chilly November night in 2014, my friend from work had asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream at Rhode Island’s famous Newport Creamery with her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s best friend. Her boyfriend’s best friend happened to be Daniel. Dan later told me that he had left his friend’s house while he was watching the New England Patriots game to come, meet me (which is a rare sighting because the Patriots are everything to him).

Dan also told me that he was nervous about meeting me, so he and his best friend came up with an excuse that his stomach was bothering him, so he could skedaddle out on me just in case I was a crazy lady. Whelp, I guess I must’ve magically made his stomach feel better because we all ended up extending the night and went to Walmart after we had finished eating ice cream.

At Walmart, we looked at fishing poles and car accessories and I ended up buying a steering wheel cover. Then Dan mentioned he needed a new pillow, so we all went down the pillow aisle. In the aisle, I ended up grabbing a pillow and hit Dan over the head with it! And if you know me, you know that I am usually the type who is very shy and quiet; someone who would never hit a stranger over the head with a pillow!

This was a big move for me (LOL). I’m so happy I made this risky move because Dan still says to this day that he found it so funny that I hit him over the head and, most of all, I looked super cute doing it. Later on, that night when we all went home, Dan sent me a friend request on Facebook (what a creeper LOL) and a message saying how much of a good time he had meeting me. We then exchanged phone numbers and a day later he asked me out on a date. From then on, it was history! We have never gone one day without talking since!

How They Asked

Back in December, Daniel had bought me a week vacation to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia for my birthday. He booked it two weeks after the spring semester ended, from June 1st–8th. Dan kept saying how he had a surprise planned for me and that we were still going to celebrate my birthday in June! We spent our first two days in St. Lucia settling in and getting acquainted with the HUGE resort (mainly eating a lot, it was an all-inclusive).

On Monday, June 3rd, he said he wanted to venture out our resort and visit another hotel’s restaurant close by because he had heard from a coworker that the food was amazing (yes we love food a little too much LOL). Around 4 o’clock, Daniel and I started getting ready for our 5:30 reservation. We then arrived at the beautiful hotel where the restaurant was. It is called Cap Maison.

Proposal Ideas Cap Maison in St. Lucia

We entered through huge gates, passed a beautiful water fountain and were escorted to the restaurant on the coast of the property. The restaurant was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. It was open to the outside, set upon a tall cliff overlooking the ocean. We had a drink on the deck while taking the views in. The waitress then came over and told us to follow her (there was more?). So, I followed her to the back corner of the restaurant to find a winding wooden staircase that had what seemed to be no ending in sight. (Let me tell you it was VERY hard to make it down the stairs in my heels).

Finally, the staircase took us to large rocks on the same level as the ocean. Around the corner, I saw a private deck set up for a romantic dinner. I started wondering… is this for us? Do they do this for everyone? What is going on? Am I going to break my ankle on these rocks? Luckily, we made it safely to the deck, which was like being on our own private peninsula right on the ocean.

It had to be the most beautiful view in all of St. Lucia. We both took a seat at the beautifully set table. The waitress then told me to get my phone ready for a video as another waitress at the restaurant at the top of the cliff was sending Champagne down to us in a wicker basket on a zip line. Dan got up to catch the wicker basket. He rummaged around, walked over to the table and poured us some Champagne. THEN, nervously, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I couldn’t get “YES!” out quick enough!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cap Maison in St. Lucia

Between the beautiful setting and being with the man of my dreams, I was in complete awe! Everything felt so surreal! As soon as I gave him the biggest hug and kiss, we Facetimed our parents back at home (which they all already knew his plans). We then took more photos and ate dinner as we watched the sunset! Dan couldn’t have done a better job — I felt like I was in a movie! (In fact, Dan told me that the Bachelor was filmed at this hotel/restaurant.) It was one of the best nights of my life!

Quinci's Proposal in Cap Maison in St. Lucia

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