Quentin and Marilet's New York Marriage Proposal

How We Met: His side of the story: I spotted a girl with the most beautiful eyes at a work function about 4 years ago. There was a lot of alcoholic punch involved that evening… All that I can remember is that I needed to get to that girl and hold her hand. I still haven’t let go of her hand…

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Her side of the story: I just remember my headache the morning after the work function.

How I asked: With painstaking precision and intensive planning. I am joking. It came very easy. I was sent to New York on a 3 month work contract. I had the ring made in Cape Town, where I currently live, before leaving for NYC. Once in New York, I googled places to ask your girlfriend to get married. The usual suspects popped up – Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Top of the Rock, etc. Nothing mind blowing.

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I then came across a photo from Toni Skotcher Photography, who does engagement shoots. The idea then came alive to get a photographer and do an engagement shoot in NYC. I contacted Toni via email. She listened to my plan and suggested a surprise photo shoot! Being an accountant, I was sceptical at first.

I threw the idea around with my nephew and Toni, and we then agreed on the secret photo shoot at the moment when I pop the question. Dates and arrangements were made with Toni. 2 ½ months passed and the girl with the eyes arrived in New York to visit. She arrived the Friday morning and I told her that I have worked out an itinerary for her on her 2 week visit.

Saturday’s itinerary included a romantic sunset walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and thereafter, a dinner booked at a fancy restaurant, which I knew would be suspicious to her as I never make bookings at restaurants. All these Saturday activities were arranged to mislead her into thinking that I will pop the question the Saturday evening…No question was popped the Saturday evening.

Sunday’s (The Big Day) game plan was to take an early morning walk in Central Park and to take pictures with a new camera I purchased. We walked to my favourite spot in Central Park, Gapstow Bridge, and I then popped the question. Toni, the photographer, was in place and captured the moment beautifully.

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Her photos obviously don’t show my nerves before I asked the big question, but only the relieve and happiness during and after the question was popped.

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Introductions were made and unveiling of the secret set-up was presented to my new fiancée. The next 2 hours was spent strolling in Central Park, enjoying the blissful moments of post “popping the question” with Toni taking photos.

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Toni recommended a coffee shop where we could warm up as it was still a crispy spring morning. We said our goodbyes to Toni as a new friend made. We closed off the day doing one of our favourite activities:

Going to markets (Gansevoort and Chelsea Market in the Meat Packing district), eating small bites of everything the markets have to offer, enjoying beer and wine while people watching, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Photos by: Toni Skotcher