Quentin and Chandra

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how we met

Quentin and I met through a very adamant mutual friend in 2013. I was a travel nurse at the time and just moved back to Houston, Texas from California. I would be there for the next 3 months. I had every intention of this being my last traveling assignment before I settled in Florida. I happened to tell my friend I was coming into town a month before I arrived. Little did I know, she went into plan mode for this special meeting. She was getting married and invited us both to her wedding but wanted us to meet individually before the nuptials took place.

The week I finally moved into my apartment and got settled in the city, she called me and started asking all of these questions… “So, are you still single? Are you looking to meet anyone while you’re here?…” Since I was just passing through, I told her politely I was only going to be in town for 3 months and I really wasn’t interested in dating. She persisted. The next day she called me and asked, “Ok, well how do you feel about blind dates?” I replied, ” I don’t feel any way about them because I don’t do blind dates!” She continued by telling me she had the perfect guy and wanted us to meet. All I’d have to do was show up (You see how she never gave up.)

It took me a few minutes to really think it through, but I finally decided to do it because I figured why not meet some new people while I’m here on assignment. She set the entire blind date up for us…location, time, and setting. All we had to do was make an appearance. She set up dinner for us at a very popular restaurant in Houston. I got there first and sat at the bar waiting anxiously, not even knowing who or what to expect because I hadn’t even seen a photo of this guy. But when he walked in, he walked right up to me and I said to him, “You must be Quentin?” We got a table, had dinner, laughs, and great conversation and we’ve been together ever since. Our second date was our friend’s wedding; needless to say she was so very happy! As were we!

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how they asked

About 3 years ago we happened to walk into a jewelry store just out of curiosity. I was interested in stackable rings and had been in the market for some time now. We happened to pass by engagement rings and he asked if I saw anything I liked, when he in fact knew what I liked because I had been showing him what I did and didn’t like subtly via jewelry social media sites. Fast forward to the first week of February 2016. He called me from work and told me about a photo contest for the Rodeo he agreed to do. The rodeo here is a huge deal and I was very excited to dress the part for these pictures. He continued to say it was a photo contest that would exhibit appreciation of the Houston city parks and would take place at my favorite park in the city. My work schedule had been crazy, so he mentioned it would be a total inconvenience but asked the photographer what incentive we could receive for helping out although it wasn’t the best time for me.

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I quickly cut him off and asked, “Are we getting free rodeo tickets?!” and he said, “No, but they said if we do it for them they would do our wedding pictures and video for free ‘IF’ we get married.” I didn’t understand the “IF” part so I quickly had to clarify… “When, Chandra, when we get married,” he said. I was totally sold at that point because that’s like one of the best freebies of all time!! Wednesday of that week rolled around and I had just gotten off of work at 7:30 am. I had to mentally prep for this photo shoot contest, which was to happen at noon. When I woke, I was whiny and complaining a bit, but he continued to smile and said, “It will be really quick, then you can come back home and sleep.” We finally arrived at the Eleanor Tinsley park. In my opinion, an always scenic place to visit with one of the best views of the Houston city skyline. We met the photographers and after I started asking too many questions, the photographer told us where she wanted us to stand and pose. After about 4 shutter clicks, she said, “Ok, I got everything I need.” I was so confused.

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I looked at her, then looked at Quentin and he was smiling looking right into my eyes. “What is this about?” I asked with a dazed look but a huge smile nonetheless. He went on to say some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard and asked me to marry him… and without hesitation I said YES!!

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Little did I know he had a microphone on to record the entire proposal. He had planned this whole moment with the photographers so that everything could be recorded and sent to my parents in Alabama. He even recorded his conversation with my dad asking for my hand in marriage. I’m so excited I get to experience this feeling over and over again for years to come and yes, I cry every single time I watch it!

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