Queenie and Steve

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How We Met

On Feb 2016, Queenie (at that time was my business partner) invited me a movie ticket “2 Days in Paris” at L’Espace. The funny thing is, I was an uninvited person, she intended to invite another; however that one left her. She never knows the uninvited “stranger” would be her husband. Then, I decided to propose Queenie with concept “If you invited me a movie, may I invite you a ticket to join my life?”; and the place should be where we first met – #lespaceHN.

how they asked

He lied to me that L’espace Hanoi invited us to a special year-end movie show – “2 Days in Paris”. I had no doubt because he showed me 2 printed tickets with bar-code (very professional). Then, he also invited my & his best friends, acted as random guests after we come in. He grabbed 2 chairs in front, I started doubting; however the movie had just played and my doubt got faded. 10 minutes later, he said he wants to go toilet. Then he left for nearly 10 minutes without any reason. Suddenly, the different movie was shown on the screen “OMG, it’s my face and his face!!! What is that!”. OMG, I got trapped! That’s a perfect and sweet trap ever I’ve got”. After the music video, he came to my chair, said something I could hear because my eyes blurred, my ears got buzzed away. Then he kneeled down and said “Will you marry me?”. I was just speechless and all I could do was to nod!. He gave me a diamond ring I wished in my entire life. Thank you, my fiance, my best friend, everyone from Film Addict Production.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

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