Qing Hui and Willius

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How We Met

We met 5 years ago working in the same company, both attached and socially unavailable. Due to our job scope we were like parallel lines that never touch. As we gradually climbed the corporate ladder within the organization (and out of love respectively) we began to open up and expanded our social circles. We started hitting off commenting on silly posts/stories on Instagram. Harmless text unspectacularly translated to dates and before we knew it, we became inseparable. It was clear that we were head over heels for each other.

As we worked in the same organization, we were uncertain of the potential complications if we were to get together. Typical Aries male overthinking. Willius took forever before making the first move to officialize the relationship one day before Valentines Day. What a cheesemeister!

Willius is a wedding sales coordinator hence he will always entertain me with anecdotes of his wedding couples and that had sparked off conversation for our own potential wedding plans. We will casually speak about how we each envisioned the proposal will be like but have always ended up laughing it off. Flowers, ring and documenting the surprise proposal process were some of the criteria that I’ve mentioned. (Yes i’m a Pisces the hopeless romantic) and little did I know, this sweet man was taking notes of the requirements.

One of the stories that he had shared about his couples were the montages that they will usually play at the wedding reception. More often than not it will be nonchalant selfies of the couple. Hence he cooked up a story to convince me to explore different parts of Singapore for Instagram worthy pictures and in preparation for our own wedding reception pictures using tripod and self timers. To bait the hook to suit the fish. He was indeed quite convincing.

how they asked

Apart from the amateur self timer pictures, both of us enjoyed travelling to different parts of the world exploring new places and the idea of professional photos taken with the scenic backgrounds while travelling was appealing. We have regularly booked vacation photographers for most of our trips and have grown accustomed to having our pictures taken either via self-timer/professionals.

We loved the colour combination – Blue and White. I remember vividly him insisting that we should pick either Santorini or Chefchaouen for our big holiday trip this year however he eventually caved in to me for London – Amsterdam – Paris route instead to satisfy the shopaholic in me.

Oblivious to the plan, as usual I agreed on engaging vacation photographers for both London and Paris to commemorate the trip. Little did I know what was about to happen in the City of Love. He even convince me to buy a little prop – artificial tulips in Amsterdam for the photoshoot.

We woke up bright and early for the photoshoot. The Eiffel Tower view in the morning was magnificent, it was also a lot less crowded. Midway through the photoshoot, Willius requested for me to turn around for the photographer to have my solo backview shot taken. A slightly awkward request I thought to myself. Yet I went ahead and humored him.

As i posed for the photoshoot, i caught a shadow approaching me at the corner of my eyes. Before i knew it, it was Willius approaching gently and momentarily he was on his knee and was gazing deeply into my eyes. He whispered gently, “Will you marry me? I was shocked and beyond words. The first thought that struck me was if this is for real?! I thought this was all part of the photoshoot poses that the photographer have requested. I was completely stunned and my mind went blank. I just kept uttering “Is this for real, is this for real?!” and left the poor man kneeing. It was only when he repeated the question then did i manage to gather my thoughts and nodded profusely before he was satisfied with my response and slipped the diamond ring on my finger. And i swear that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and guess what it is in our favorite colour combination. The sparkling ring was lined with diamond and sapphires. Gorgeous!

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