Qing and Yingxue

how we met

We first met at a basketball game; he plays basketball, while my dad coaches basketball. Our first encounter was not very friendly (haha!), because he was playing on the opposing team that my dad’s team was going up against. We only knew of each other’s existence on this very day, and had a few innocent eye contacts. Things only started picking up a few months later (with the help of social media).

how they asked

It happened in Santorini, Greece! And yes, it was definitely a surprise. He made me hike (a mini one) in a dress to Skaros Rocks after dinner (a huge one if I may add). I wasn’t feeling up for it because I was feeling really bloated from all the delicious mediterranean food, and the time difference was not helping either. Throughout the entire hike, he was constantly on his phone, and that added on to the frustration. I then later knew he was trying to coordinate with Andrea, our photographer. We finally arrived at the end of Skaros Rock, with an unblocked view of the Aegean Sea. Andrea, whom I thought was a tourist (kudos to his great acting), offered to take a picture for us, and that was when my fiancé popped the question. I was not expecting it to happen but I am definitely glad it did.

Special Thanks