Putri and Lucian

How We Met

Lucian and I met in September 2013 at La Casa del Camino, a boutique hotel in Laguna Beach. I was looking for a front desk agent job to gain experience in the hotel industry and my job search brought me to where I would meet my future husband. Lucian was the General Manager of the restaurant, K’ya Bistro, at the time and he accidentally interviewed me thinking I was looking for a job as a server or bartender. Anyways, I got the job as a front desk agent (Lucian will say that he convinced management to hire me) and after many flirty glances and conversations, we went on our first date on November 12, 2013, to San Diego. From there it was history!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brian Head, Utah

how they asked

Fast forward 3 years later, on January 27, 2017, Lucian took me to our annual snowboarding trip to Brian Head, Utah. Everything seemed normal and I was complaining to Lucian that he wasn’t using our new GoPro to its full use. Little did I know that in the middle of a run, Lucian shouted, “Putri! Stop!” I stopped (grumpily because I was finally getting the hang of S-turns) and trudged my way towards Lucian who had the GoPro set up on a selfie stick. After a couple of photos, Lucian secretly started recording and bent down on one knee to propose! To be honest, I blacked out so I will never really know what he said except for “……marry me? Is that a yes?” I ugly cried (Kim-k Ugly Cry Face) and said yes!

Our Video