Putri and Dany

Image 1 of Putri and Dany

I love Christmas season. I think it’s absolutely true what they say; it really is the most wonderful time of the year. So, I had been planning a day out with Dany and our friends to do Christmassy things for a while. I planned to go ice skating at LA live, visit the tree at The Grove, and then get some dinner all together.

Apparently, Dany had been planning to propose this day and my friends were all in on it. He continued to let me take the reigns all day so I wouldn’t have a clue. He was almost going to propose at LA live, but there were too many people, so then he decided to do at our next stop: the tree at The Grove.

I should’ve known something was up because his heart was beating so fast, I could feel and hear it! We got to the tree and I saw my friend Bryan with our camera.

He said hey guys quick! Take a picture underneath the Christmas tree before it gets crowded.

So we posed, and then I hear a huge “Awww!” from the crowd…

I turn around and my friends were holding up ‘will you marry me’ signs. I lost my breath. Then I turned around to face Dany, and he was on his knees with a little blue box.

I don’t really know what he said to be honest, I was bawling. But he did mention, “I promised you one more gift and since we’re under a tree, it counts.”

I of course said yes! And we lived happily ever after..

Image 2 of Putri and Dany